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- Myself

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

AHAHAHAHA/Bad for your health pt. 2





ooooh boy. -gasps for air-

Okay guys, get this; my roomate left about a half an hour ago... to go on a date. XD AHAHAHAHAHHAA. Seriously, if you know my roommate, this is hilarious.
Because she's always going on about "Joey", this guy back home that she's pretty much in love with, but he's too shy to ask her out 9but she's had confirmation that he likes her from several different sources).
And like, ten minutes before she left, she said the most HILARIOUS thing to me. Jenny was here, but had left for a moment, and my roommate just stops whatever she's doing, gets a weird look on her face (like she was confused) and said;
"Just so you know, I'm leaving in about ten minutes."
"Oh, really? Where ya goin'?"
And I wait a few moments...
"I'm going to the movies with Jason."

Makes nooo sense. XD
But then again, he has been hanging around our room a lot over the past few days, and he has been talking to her quite a bit.

But my roommate? On a date? With a boy? A BOY THAT ISN'T EVEN JOEY?! ...A BOY THAT'S JASON?! PWAHAHAHAAHHAHAHHASFGdfgjdsghabvkbs tn.

-takes some time to recuperate-

Now, on to Bad For Your Health Part Two!

The glow drifted downwards as he lowered his cigarette. "Yeah? So?" his deep voice questioned without emotion.

"Oh, nothing really, I'm just saying that it's bad for your health. Y'know, all that 'smoking kills', and lung cancer talk."

A silence lapsed between them for a few drawn out moments. Finally, his cigarette flocked casually back to his mouth. Obviously, he had no intention of heeding her cautionary statements.

"I'd really wish you'd put that out," she tried again.

To be continued.

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freethephoenix said...

Aw, don't laugh at your roomate! lol. And Ewww smoking.