"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Laaaaa~ Tomorrow's Plans!

My voice is almost all better, so for now, I'm gonna tuck in, get some sleep, and hope my vocal chords are all fantasmic in the morning. (I've got too many things to record for this to happen! Bah!)

Also, tomorrow me and Jenny are planning a room cleaning. Emptying garbage, recycling, sweeping, putting extra crap we don't use/touch away... basically making this room not so icky (it's not bad, actually, but cleaner would be nicer)

After that we're gonna run up town so Jenny can pick up toothpaste, and I'll probably wind up buying some fun dip or a pocket full of pixie sticks, because I do that some times. Also, I should buy some juice, or something. Water would be more ideal.

Then I'm gonna get all caught up on homework - reading things my teacher told me to read, colouring that Isometric drawing, maybe study for plant ID .... definitely study for plant ID. Do not want to fail. D;

My busy day tomorrow only gives me one thought. Okay, two.
First and foremost, will I have time to get that layout done for High Risk, No Return for Kelly? Secondly, will I get the chance/have the time to record anything?

I hope I at least get one or the other. Huuu.

But anyways, I'm off to bed nao. Looks like Bastard!! will finish downloading fine on its own. Night, guys!

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