"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anxiety wtf?

I don't know why, but I've been feeling really anxious all day.

It's odd, all the stressful stuff is out of the way, it really is!
I'm done registration, I've got all the books I'm gonna need (came to $115 bucks NEW and UNUSED, beat that, suckas!), I even finished my first day of classes with great success. I've got my new student card, it works, I'm almost all caught up on Princess Princess (er... don't ask.), and I'm having good success as a VA for fandubs. Jenny is a great roommate, me and Annemarie are probably better friends than ever (remember the roommate I always thought wanted to secretly kill me? lol), and most of the juniors this year are cool, and nice, and sociable. Not socially awkward like our year, lol.

I even got a FREE ticket to pub night tonight, and up to $40 to spend on beer (but if I use more than half of that, guys, call me an alky and make me stop drinking forever!), and I even have a few new friends (the Vet Techs next door are so nice! It's ridiculous!)

But... I still feel a strange tightness, an awkward stress that is giving me physical pain. WTF is this shit, srsly?! I can't figure it out and it's driving me crazy. I've tried everything. Homework, music, talking with people, reading manga, watching anime, writing a poem (failed haha), even drawing! ...Even blogging! Nothing works. ;_; I even talked to BRITT today for the first time in ages, and that didn't help! Huuuu. T_T I must be beyond hope!

Well, at any rate, pub starts in 45 min. I'm going to get nice and drunk (but not too drunk! No more than $20 on beer!), and if that doesn't relieve this odd tension - even for just a night! - then I'm counting myself as fucked. Huuurrh.

I think once I post this I'm going to jump over to my older posts and see if I was this anxious and stressed last year for no reason. Hurrrrr.

PS; I'm going to be animating a fanflash soon, regarding Kiba, Sasuke, and Tsume. Should be fun. ;D After it there's one that's just Kiba and Tsume, and one after that (much longer!) that involves those two, and also a line from Kisame. I've got my line fom my Sasuke VA already, and holy SHIT, that kid has talent!

I got his auditon last night, and even right now, me and Jenny keep losing it over his recording. He's just WAY too good! It's hilarious! I want to tell you why but that would spoil it! ...But anyways, I'm waiting on Kiba's lines, then I'm going to commence animation. Once a Kisame is announced I'll get the very minuscule line I need from him and get going on that third flash.

...Ah! Maybe that's why I'm so anxious?! Maybe I'm just so wound up - literally! - over all of this VA and fandub and fanflash shit. Huuu.

That could be...

...But either way I'm going to drink tonight! Relaxants ftw!

PS Audacity is the shit. ;D Love that program.



freethephoenix said...

Princess Princess?

freethephoenix said...

Also, sometimes excitement feels like anxiety for me. At Christmas time I have tightness in my chest and shortness of breath because I'm so excited to see everyone open my presents.

Travis said...

I think because you went all of high school without being an anxiety ridden high school girl it caught up to you in collage.

lol, I donno.

Of and fan flashes are cool and all... buuuuut you should reeeally animate your own stuff.

Use that arsinal of characters you've come up with (and I know you have) to be-dazzel us!

Annnd now that I'm on the topic, everything that I think of you applying for animation and getting wait listed then you going to aggy school istead I get all sad on it inside.

I'd reeeeeeeeeeally like to see you do something more with you're art! Because you're got potencial! I know you've got wha it takes to be and make amazing drawings and animation, if only you were getting the know-how I'm getting!


In short, finish Aggy school soon and come party with me! Not Becky... My school is better... (We're even better then Sheriden now, that's the news on the street. I'll tell ya why later.)


What was I talking about just now?


Oh yeah! BACON IS TEH AWESOME!! I'm behind you 100%!

Kuroari said...

Yes, Jessica, my latest addiction is something called "Princess Princess".

No, it's not excitement. and last night seemed to cure it, anyways. XD Ah, alcohol, I loves you~

I'm not an aggie, though. D: I'm a Hort! I'm waaaaay cooler than those guys ;D