"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Friday, September 25, 2009

I completely missed it... ;_;

so, today, i got home. I was cruisin' around on facebook and got to the Wellington page, and noticed something - that event they invited me to was going on AS I WAS SITTING THERE. omg. I was late.

So I rushed off. I drove around riverfront Sarnia for almost an hour trying to find the damned place, and it doesn't help that the jerks at 7-11 gave me wrong directions. (The guy at Timmies told me EXACTLY where to find it, though, bless his soul <3 made life easier) And just as I park, jump out, and approach it, I see Kirk sitting outside talking to people.

"Hey Trish!"
"Hey there... I'm late because I got lost... haha."
"Yeah, this place is pretty hard to find, it's all tucked in this odd spot."
"We literally just finished playing."
"...God fucking dammit."

That's pretty much how it went. :\ Kirk left like, twenty seconds later, 'cause he had to go. And I left about 20 seconds after that because there was NOTHING to do.

(okay, so that conversation is a shortened version of our conversation, but it has the general point.)

So I'm pissed because I was looking forward to going, and not only did I show up late enough to miss it completely, I couldn't find any one to go with. So I showed up late enough to miss it completely ALONE. Bah!

And now I'm home, I'm bitchy, and I'm going to bed.

Mom and dad are off in London all weekend, so at least I'll have some peace and quiet around here.

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