"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Okay, so, here's my problem.

There were some voice clip things I had to record on friday that I never got any moment of peace to do, and finally, this afternoon, I was alone here in my room in res and I was like "FUCK YES RECORDING TIEM" and then as soon as I got Audacity open Jenny walks now.

Now, Jenny knows I do this voiceover shit, and she's totally cool with it, and I have no problems attempting to do VA shit in front of people (some people) but the problem is this:

No matter how cool with it she is, as soon as I turn on my mic and start shouting into my computer, she's going to laugh. She's Jenny - she won't mean nothing by it, and she'll try hard not to, but she'll just laugh anyways. Trust me, I know this shit. Hurrrr, and it's not that I'm all like "OMG SHe'S LAUGHIIING" it's the fact that I'm RECORDING shit, including all background noise - which includes laughter. Hurrrrrrr.

Also, my schedule all week is epic fail, and therefore tuesdays are the only afternoons I get alone time to record shit.

Because Jenny has less class tiem than I do every other day.

...And Jenny never leaves the room long enough for me to get down to recording shit.
Seriously, she NEVER LEAVES. Worse than I never leave! (I mean, I do go to pub nights, and I do wander around town sometimes, and I also visit and sometimes party with my other friends. But she nevar leeeaaaaves. The only times she does is for class, or if I'm going somewhere and taking her with me. Usually at her invite. omgwtf.)

So yeah, somehow this turned from a rant of me wanting at least an hour alone to record shit, to a rant on how I don't get an hour alone to record shit. Believe me, the two things are VERY different. Baaaw.

But the most annoying thing of all;

I LOST MY FUCKING TABLET PEN. I left it on my tablet, in that nifty little slot for it, and even had the cord wrapped all snug around it, yet when I was home on the weekend I picked up my tablet and the pen was GONE. I looked in every stack of pens and pencils and colouring tools and books and sheets and sketchbooks and portfolios on that damned bench, and no pen. I looked on the floor. I looked under things on the floor. I looked aaaalll around the room for about 30 min. I even tore apart MY room trying to find it.

And. it's. gone. :(

I can't afford a new tablet right now, but I can't afford to tell Mr. Boss-man, "Oh, hi, Boss-san. Remember those animated parody/shorts I was gonna animate for this project series tihng? Ahahaha yeah no can't sorry."

I MEAN WTF. Auuugh. Frustratioooon.

I can't even do oekaki anymoar. ;_; because laptop mouse is sucks, and Paint hates laptop mouse. TABLET PEN WANT. Auuueerrrrrrrrrggggghhh!

Displeased Bacon is displeased. >_<


freethephoenix said...

I've noticed a 30% increase in the curseword-osity of your blog. lol

Also http://www.tabletpcreview.com/default.asp?newsid=1017 I have solved your problem! :D

Kuroari said...

Omg, Jessimaca, thoes are all so pretty. @____@

I waaaant. Alll of theeeem.

Travis said...

I lost my tablet pen too! Boo hoo! :<

Kuroari said...

omg travis we shall wallow in epic sucks together. ;____;