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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Wish I Could Breathe


"Breathe" by Abney Park

I wish I could breath, I wish I could stand.
I wish I had a chance here holding your hand.
Wish I could speak, I wish could talk
I wish I could breath

Since the first day, I was alive,
I feared we would meet here in the misty outside
I wanted to run, I wanted to hide
I wish I could breath

OoOOooo oooOOoo (repeat)
I fear I can't over come this place
I know your face, your hands
I wish I could breath.

I feel a chill deep in my bones,
Nothing can heal, the way my blood moans.
Nothing can quench, My bitter thirst
I wish I could breathe.

I grasp at my heart, That burns in my chest,
It's your precious art, That makes my soul stressed.
I run short of blood, light headed I swoon.
I wish I could breathe.

And to actually hear the song is so much prettier! The Cap'n is such a PRETTY singer omg I love his voice in this song. ;_____;

In somehwhat related* news, Pub night tomorrow! Yaaay!

*I say somewhat because, although pub/drinking has nothing to do directly with the song, Abney Park is a steampunk band made up of airship pirates (even though they won't outright go and admit it, they did make a song called "Airship Pirates" in which you can hear the lines "We're a crew of drunken pilots/We're the only airship pirates"), and everyone knows pirates drink. A lot. Like people at Pub Night do. Therefore, a correlation is spotted!

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