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Sunday, January 24, 2010


'Kay, so, Team ZORM episode two is officially up! Click here to go have a listen! Unfortunately, we didn't wind up re-recording it with MasakoX (co-creator of Naruto abridged, part of Team Four Star, and creator of Kampfer Abridged) as planned, simply because the scheduling was a mess. However, he promised he'd come back for episode three, which will be on voice acting.

I know it's long, but at least try to give it a listen? =( Even if you don't get all the way through it, that's cool, at least give it a shot. There is significantly less swearing than the last episode, so don't worry about that. XD Actually, recording this podcast was a lot of fun :D I liked doing it more than the first episode, MUCH more - even if we did wind up doing it twice, haha.

But yeah. I... really like being part of Team ZORM. I love those guys like brothas, we just get along so well and conversation flows so naturally. It helps that none of us are really alike, at all, so that definitely adds a whole dose of fun-fun-stuff into the mix. :D I like doing podcasts with them. And all of us are in this for the longhaul, come what may. SO BRING IT ON! HWAHWAHWA! (Okay, so the caps part here doesn't reflect anything or even make sense, but I couldn't help it. So sue me.)

So, yeah. Go give Team ZORM episode 2 a listen, and don't be afraid to check out some of our solo projects while your there. Zombi does manga reviews, Optimus does... he doesn't have anything up yet. Errr. Mukluk will be doing rants, but he doesn't have any up yet, either. I, the R in Team ZORM - Raventail - do drunken rambles/podcasts. XD

Don't be afraid to tell me what you thought of episode 2, but especially don't be afraid to leave a comment right on the page. :D We're attention whores. Give us love. ...Or hate. (Or neutrality?) Either one is fine, as long as you leave a comment. XD

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