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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Generally, I don't make new years resolutions. I mean, I don't make resolutions PERIOD, so why should New Years be any different?

But anyway, I've decided to go for three this year.
1) stop biting my nails. I've been biting them a lot lately, and it sucks. It needs to stop.
2) save money better. It was a slap in the face the other day when I found a bank statement from FOUR AND A HALF YEARS AGO, and the number on that one compared to my most recent one was... only about a thousand. I haven't even made a thousand dollars in like, 5 years. That's bad. I need to stop spending unnecessarily.
3) eat healthier. Looking at how much candy I've been eating over the past few months, it's no wonder everything is so out of whack (sleep habits, energy levels, amount of food I can eat, etc.) I'm not too worried about this one, I'm pretty good at self control when it comes to eating habits. I mean, now that I've noticed it's a problem, it'll be easy. Haha.

I spent my new years like so:

New years eve, went to Britt's, since she's in Ontario and I miss her, hurr.
We sat out in the woods, burning things, roasting hot dogs, and drinking in the snow, all while listening to coyotes howl. New Years day we ate Chinese food for supper and she sat around playing WoW all day while I played Grand Fantasia. XD It was fun. :3

She's heading back to Newfie-land tomorrow and I'm gonna miss her, 'specially since the next time I could see her could literally be YEARS, y'know, since the rest of her family will be moving out east some time this year. ;_;

Sucks. But oh well.

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Travis said...

Best to luck on those habits ya'know?

I am also pursuing similar new years resolutions.