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- Myself

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rage, Relaxation, and Tree-Climbing

My roommate failed out, and, "to be fair to the students who paid for a single room", I either have to find another roommate from a list of only four people (two I don't like, two I don't know) and move, or I get to pay the school another $995. NOT. HAPPY. At all.

It feels good to be back at school, away from naggy family. It also feels good to be back to my drinking habits. It also feels good to be back especially since my work load is a shit load lighter than it was last semester.

Signed up for Tree Care Techniques class, even though I didn't take Arboriculture, and even though the strain of trying to learn everything I missed is a little crazy, IT IS SO MUCH FUCKING FUN. I get to climb (branchless) trees with nothing but a holster and a rope :D HARD, SO HARD, SO VERY DIFFICULT AND PHYSICALLY TAXING, and I'm afraid of heights, but good Lord is it ever a delightful challenge! I love it! Got tested on it today and passed with flying colours. That was with tying my own knots and everything! Hehe. I even made it to the top of the treeeee~
We also get to climb ropes, just ropes, nothing around them, just hanging from a 20-something foot ceiling ropes, using nothing but the foot-locking technique to get us up. All lower body strength, so it's easy peasy. I caught on without even having to be told how to do it. XD Only problem was that my shoes don't like gripping the rope, so it made trying to wrap my feet around the working end properly to stand on the rope each time I wanted to move up difficult. BUT STILL FUN. I found a way to wrap my feet slightly more differently until I get better, less worn-out steel toed boots for it.

Fun fun tree climbing.


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