"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Finished the first two seasons in three days. And most of the extras. Probably my favourite TV show ;D Metalocalypse! Yay!

Toki and Pickles are tied for my favourite - Toki is just WAY too funny, and Pickles just reminds me so much of me it almost isn't funny (aside from the drugs, yeah, he reminds me sooo much of me).

Next up is Skwisgar and Nathan - Nathan is just waaaay to hilarious. Everything he says cracks me up, and he is just an awesome character. XD Skwisgar... well, you can't NOT love Skwisgar!

Next isn't a band member, but their manager. He is pretty much immortal 'cause he's so kick ass, even though he's so serious he's really entertaining, and he's voiced by LUKE SKYWALKER.

And Murderface... I HATE MURDERFACE. AUGH. He is sometimes funny, but for the most part, I just wanna punch him. Gawd.

But dammit, that's a DAMN good series. And I just love the music, too! Dethklok is great :D

But yeah. Guise. Go wach. nao. plox. yah. its gud. hurrhurr.

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