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- Myself

Monday, March 8, 2010

This Weekend

This weekend was super-cool. I got some more stuff recorded on Friday, but pretty much relaxed and decided not to do some auditions that... I probably should have. Meh.

On Saturday I was asked by one Mr. OmegaOptimusSupreme if I was available for the Team ZORM podcast with MasakoX. ...Sadly, I was not D: But that's ok. We'll just do it at a later point in time. I wasn't available because I was in Sarnia with my mom and sister. We went down by the Bayside mall, and even IN IT! [gasp]. Bear Creek Studio is closing down, but Ariel hinted that someone else is buying it and continuing on with it. Not too sure though. So I picked up a crap load of art supplies - giant wooden mannequin, medium sized hand mannequin, micron brush tip pen, micron .005 tip pen, a box of really pricey but nice markers (can't remember company), a book on perspective, a set of brush-tip pens, another giant sketch book (I just love those!), a CD by Kirk, and a set of new paints (mine are running low, and those were on sale, so why not?). Once we were done, I couldn't convince my sister or mom to go into Future Past Times with me. lol, oh well. XD

Then - and this is my favourite part of my weekend - I got to go see Kara and Jessimaca and Travis! :D Yaaaay!~ I gave Travis his present from Florida. We chilled out and played Little Big Planet, and there was a ninja, and Travi's bean-bag person looked like a pretty girl, and my bean-bag person was awesome and some kid thought it was a scary monster. Ehehehe. Then we went to othermom's house, and everyone watched Ponyo and ate stew!~ It was a fantastic visit. X3

Sunday sucked, but was still not bad. I got up early to help dad with barn chores, went to church, then took a three hour nap when I got home XD From there, I used my new hand mannequin thingie to practice drawing hands, and I drew a really good one. I coloured it with my new markers, too :D It's pretty~ Probably one of the best hands I've ever drawn.

Zetsu was being a brat, he was covered in mud and kept trying to jump on my bed, and when I closed off upstairs, he ran and hid in the basement. He REALLY did not want to go out side. So I just left him in the basement. XD Nobody was on Skype (WAT?!) so I started trying to find techno remixes of Disturbed songs on YouTube. Only found a few good ones, but here's one of them. This one really impressed me - he must have a wicked vocal-ripping program. Makes me want to do remixes. XD

And this one (these ones?) are just SO. PLAIN. CATCHY. AND UPBEAT. WTF. Love 'em.

While listening to some of this lovely stuff, I worked on cleaning up panels of the first chapter for Stand Up!. It took me SIX HOURS, but I got all 112 or so panels from the first chapter cleaned up and ready to go. All together, the video for this mangadub for chapter one of Stand Up! will have over three hundred pictures. ...Yeah. I felt motivated, so I had to get it done. About half way through, though, Zombi got on Skype so I chatted with him and Optimus, and eventually Mukluk got on and we had a grand ol' time. Mr. Apokkykins showed up later, too, and it was a fun little voice chat :D But I told Mukluk he was gonna get AIDs and die. I don't think he liked that much XP But still fun.

Yeah, so, rundown of my weekend. Some parts were boring, but amazing all at once. Most parts were just amazing. XD


freethephoenix said...

LOL 'othermom'. Ponyo was great!! :D

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