"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Maybe it's a thursday thing...

Okay, so, funny shit today, yeah. I was very "OOC", if it's possible for a real lize person to be so. At any rate, here's my story.

So I was over on that Bleach site I did the layout for, right? Well me and the girl who plays Yumichika (the pretty-boy that's in Kenny's squad, he always hangs around with Ikkaku, the bald guy) both like Renji, and everyone else on the site either hates him or thinks he's gay. Well somehow, for some reason, she wound up posting a most interesting picture that got some of the haters to think twice about hating, and some of the gay-theorizers to... er... well, they didn't rethink their opinions, but they didn't have any smart comments to make for this, so it's all good.

But to best document my reaction to this picture to them all, I drew a comic.

Anyways, here's my reaction-comic;

Now, before I go and show you the picture that made me do it (after a very long time), I need to point out two things.
1) after I went back and re-read the text the picture suddenly wasn't so cool anymore.
2) It was the hair that made me do that (I turn into a Renji fangirl under any one of the following two conditions: he's either covered in blood, or his hair is down), no this wardrobe (or lackthereof) (because after all, I see shirtless guys everyday and have since I was a baby. It's really nothing shocking/appalling/attractive or noteworthy to me, really....)

okay good now that that's cleared up. Here it is.


freethephoenix said...

Nittle Grasper naked tour photos!!! 0.o :D hahahah!! OMG win!!

Travis said...

Tee hee hee!

Oh Bacon you're a fan girl through and through.
You're just not a scary fan girl.