"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today was a good day... generally. But comparing a good day to a good novel, there's always that twist at the end you least expect. Now, let me tell you about my "good day".

First things first... breakfast was actually cooked today; the bacon was crispy and delicious. I wasn't late for class. I'm one of the few people that gets accounting (out of a class of a few hundred, that's not bad). I spent two hours talking to my room mate - good gods, we spoke to eachother! - and have deduced that just because she's a bit older than me and more serious about her schooling and doesn't ever ever ever watch movies, she's still actually pretty alright. I managed to keep my socks dry up until lunch (a new record for me). At lunch, one of Jenny's new friends drove us to Timmie's, where we sat and ate and talked about animals and books for well over an hour. Almost went to Chattam with them, too; but wanting time to sit still and do nothing for 3 hours before class I chose that instead. In that time I sat still and did nothing, I almost finished that layout I was working on for Kin's Bleach site. Class was entertaining; I think I'll like this teacher, and this class.

And then came the anger.

I literally don't know what spurred it on. As soon as I left class, and was on the way up the stairs to my room, I just felt so. unjustifiably. angry. At nothing! I just suddenly felt really pissed off, and I didn't know why. For some reason... it felt good, too. I dunno. Hard to explain. I'm still wondering why I was angry (and I still feel the effects a bit, still feeling a little ranty and PO'd), and I'm still wondering why it felt like a good anger. Like I needed it, or something. I dunno. I plan on sitting alone in my room tonight and dwelling on it for a while (I swear, if Solo pesters me to play nwn one more time, I'll actually have a reason to feel angry!)

But yeah. That was my day. Bahye guys.

PS because my nifty floral design class my room smells like carnations :D


freethephoenix said...

Inexplicable rage is a symptom of despression! Are you okay? lol, jk. Hope it helped you write something cool because it kinda sounded like a productive kind of anger. I can never write when I'm angry but I always think that writing fight scenes would work best if I was actually mad... ??

Kuroari said...

Alas I did not write. i ate and then coded html for a few hours.

Travis said...

Thank you for the happy birthday!

: )