"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Thursday, December 4, 2008


this is the last time I'll be able to post before I'm off for the holidays. I'm going home tonight, and tomorrow afternoon mom's driving me back so I can take my last exam.

My monitor is driving me crazy. It keeps flickering darker and brighter, the bottom left corner is like, perma-dark, and it flickers really fast DX I might have a seizure. Baaah. Lappytop! Why are you letting me down so suddenly?!

Ah well. Anyways, I'm fairly certain I passed my Plant ID final exam (which was, as it turns out, worth 20%). And I got my final project back for that class and I got a 98%, so that's good. The only marks I lost were on formatting, because apparently, according to my teacher, titles are only supposed to have capital letters at the very start and no where else >3> ...wtf man. Ah well. Still got a 98% so I'm not gonna bitch.

Anyways, nearly three days and no nail biting, yaay!
And Jess; nailpolish doesn't work. Even that highly-toxic looking chrome nail polish didn't stop me when I tried to stop, way back in the day.
Instead I got this raunchy nail biting stuff tah goes on invisible but smells like rotton bananas and tastes like I wanna shoot myself. Yeah, that bad. It even lingers to the point where a litre of gingerale took absolutely none of the nasties away off my tongue. It makes me not want to put my hands anywhere near my mouth. Yeah.

Anyways, I'm off then. since I probably won't post between now and Jan. 8th (day I'm back at school) have a goof holiday, guys =3

PS if you need to contact me at all during the holidays, my home phone number is still
519-882-3999 and my cell is... er... holp up lemme check...

So yeah. whenever you guys are off and wanna call me try those numbers out. If I'm not home, you'll probably get me on my cell-o-fone. If that doesn't work either, leave a message on my cell and I'll call ye back probably not too much later, yup. =3 'cause seriously, I wanna see you guys - all of you guys - at least ONCE over the holidays.

BYE! <3

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Travis said...

I'll try to have as 'goof' of a holiday as you advised me to. But I'm not too sure on how I would accomplish such a thing.


Just kidding you there Trish!
You have yourself a good holiday too, and we will defiantly see each other! Toodle-OOOO