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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It's looking through galleries like this one that remind me of just how much I love Trinity Blood. Not only is the art freakin' amazing, but I love pretty much well all of the characters. (some more than others, obviously) and flipping through this gallery made me realize that Seth is my favourite character, art-wise. Fighting-wise, I'm pinned to Father Hugh for life X3 <3 ...plot-wise, I'd have to say I like Father Abel. Personality-wise, Sister Noel gets it hands down. I was so sad when she died. T_T so sad. Humor-wise, the professor gets it, fo sho. For being all around badass, well, that's Father Tres - I mean, c'mon, robot priests? ftw! For being KICK-ass I'd have to go with Asta. The character I still hate most and always shall hate most is Ester. Seriously. I hatehatehate Ester. For my favourite sibs, i'll go with the only Sibs - Cain, Abel, and Seth. (haha, I know, their names are funnier. It's funnier in the end when Cain kills Abel.)

From left to right we've got Fr. Abel (silver hair), Fr. Tres (short brown hair), Lady Catarina (the Cardinal (red robes)), Sister Kate (brown hair, lol she's a hologram), Sister Noel (black hair), Father Hugh (-squeals and wriggles-), Fr. holyshitIcan'trememberhisname (shaggy black hair, looks like a convict 'cause he was one), The professor (dude with the pipe), and Fr. shitcan'trememberhisnameeither.

But yeah. For girls Seth, Sister Noel, Asta and Lady Catarina are ftw. For guys, Fr. Hugh, Fr. Abel, the prof, Fr. holyshitIcan'trememberhisname, super-bishounen-guy-that-tries-to-kill-Catarina, and I suppose Cain are ftw. For robots, obvious, Tres! XD

Seth! <3

Faaaaathhheeerrrrr Huuuuuggggghhhhh! It's because of him that ep. 6 is my favorite episode. X3 He's WAY too kickass. <3 <3 <3

I'm going to go back to looking through this gallery. Trinity Blood's artwork is almost as amazing as it's plot, and not quite as amazing as it's characters. <3 (but it does do them justice)


Travis said...


Heeeeeey did we watch one episode of this together?

Didn't we watch an episode, had no idea what was going on but kept making fun of the girl walking around with that GIANT hat on?

Or did I dream all that?

Kuroari said...

Oh no, that happened :D That was Lady Catarina. |D We had at LEAST eighty theories on why her hat is so damn big. The only two I remember was that the body you see is fake and her real body in in her hat, and the other was that her hat was stuffed with dead babies. XD