"This news shocked me too when my brain first reported it."
- Myself

Monday, December 1, 2008

Novels, Exams and Beer! Oh my, indeed.

Had I been able to have Sunday to my onesy self, I would have been able to finish. But alas, as soon as church was out, parental units decided to take me out for brunch. So, being out of the house from about 8.45 til about 1.00 took a heavy toll on my time. Then, we had the Verberne family Christmas party at 2.00 (first one in ten years, kinda important to go, y'know?) and didn't get home until 11.00, at which point I promptly went to bed because I had an exam today (I didn't even drink, tcch!)

Which resulted in a final word count of 26,000 (never got to update it on the site).

Which sucks ass. I was so sure I coulda done it this year. f@#$ing Ridgetown.

My exams:
Monday: Soil Principles, 9am-11am, RDC Building Gym. (COMPLETED!)
Tuesday: Applied Mathematics, 9am-11am, RDC Building Gym.
Wednesday: Applied Plant Sciences, 9am-11am, RDC Building Gym.
Thursday: Plant Identification I, 9am-11am, Agronomy Building room 126
Computer Applications I, 10.30am-12pm, Reek Building room 110
Friday: Landscape Management, 2pm-4pm, RDC Building Gym

Either I need to finish it or find a way to get it home without it going flat. Only 8 left and only 3 days to drink it. What am I to doooo? (Only 3 because on Thursday I'm probably going home for the annual CWL Skit Night/pot luck (always the funniest, most delicious, best part of any December), and of course, I won't be here on friday). Now, the best answer would be to drink two or three beers a day, which I suppose I could do with all this damned free time. But at the same time, I've got no one to drink with because nobody wants to drink this week (except Meagan, but she even told me she's becoming an alcoholic and she wants to stop drinking), and Jenny can't even come watch movies with me this week because I won't let her because she needs to study her ass off DX
Drinking alone is so... emo. And loserish. I really don't want to do it. -sighs-


Travis said...

Aww, I'd drink with you Trish!
But alas I am in Toronto and must stay for two more weeks! : <

Good luck on your exams!!

Kuroari said...

Thanks! :D