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- Myself

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Exam update!

My exams:
Monday: Soil Principles, 9am-11am, RDC Building Gym.
Tuesday: Applied Mathematics, 9am-11am, RDC Building Gym.
Wednesday: Applied Plant Sciences, 9am-11am, RDC Building Gym.

Thursday: Plant Identification I, 9am-11am, Agronomy Building room 126
Computer Applications I, 10.30am-12pm, Reek Building room 110
Friday: Landscape Management, 2pm-4pm, RDC Building Gym

So I'm half done, and now the only really difficult exam I have left is Plant ID. That's the one I'm fretting. I was getting all worked up about it, but then I realized something... every test in that class is worth 12% of my final mark. My final exam is... 10%. So really, I can be MORE relaxed about this than I was about the tests. As long as I just go over the 150 plants I learned this semester I should be alright, just so I can get a refresher on some of the botanical names.

But yeah. Plant Science was thankfully on the easy side, and I didn't need the full 2 hours at all (only took me half an hour, haha).

But yeah. Computers should be easy, but I'm still "wtf"ing over the fact it runs into my Plant ID time DX As for Landscape management, well, I'm not sure what to expect from that one. That class is one of those classes that no amount of studying could prepare you for. And while you're writing tests for that class, you have SOME idea of what the answer should be, and once you narrow it down a bit it's up to guessing (and I'm not just saying that, it's like that for everyone in the class). So it's not hard, but it's not easy. It's... indeterminate. Yes, that's a good word. Indeterminate.

But only two more days and I can go home. -exhales-

Okay, one more day. I'm going home tomorrow night, for the annual CWL skit night! Gods, I'm so excited for that. Pot luck supper, silent auction, penny sale, but most of all the SKITS! Gods, those ladies are so funny. If it ran for more than two or three hours I don't care, I'd still sit there and watch. They're awesome, and they're hilarious.

But anyways, mom said she could drive me back up on friday for my two o'clock exam, then she was going to go to Chattam, and come back whenever she was done there (probably around the same time I'd be done).

But yeah. After friday, if I even have my laptop here then, don't expect any updates from me for like, a month XD Unless I can get my dial-ups to likes blogger, which every attempt to do so has thus far failed. Ah well.


Travis T said...

Aaaaaaaaaannnnnddd I'm still here for another two weeks. Be bac a week befoe Christmas!

freethephoenix said...

Do your best Trish!! :D I will probably see you sometime over the holidays!

Travis said...

Exam conflict?
Oh no!

Kuroari said...

Ahahaha Thomson I wiiiin =P

Jessica; yush! most definitely! :D I still have those sugar packets for you btw X3

Travis; yeah, I know DX I hope I get out of Plant ID in decent enough time.