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- Myself

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

no bacon u no bite ur nialz!!!!1

After showering and then sprucing p my blog a little (and putting on some clean socks, my feets are feeling happies), I feel a bit better. Not by much, but this feeling of angst is no longer so interollerable. I feel like "let's just get this over with" instead of "I wanna curl up to sleep and never wake up again (except for Christmas)".

But yeah, anyways, the point in this entry:

I'm trying to stop biting my nails. Again. Just like I did about two years ago around this time (remember when I was so proud that my nail could touch the table when I poked it with my finger? yeah, that didn't last long...)
And I have decided that, as extra motivation, I will count how many days I've been "bite free". So far it's three. If I can make it to 30, I'll do something rewarding. Like, maybe I'll put off getting that Star Wars game until I haven't made my fingers bleed for a month straight. Haha, yeah, there's motivation! (But... I dunno... if I could take having to wait for Kit Fisto... I mean... Star Wars that long). And then, if I can make it, say, another 20 or 30 days, I'll do something epic, like donate $100 bucks or something to like breast cancer research or something. And then, if I can go even longer, I'll do something OUTRAGEOUS and CRAZY! (say the last three words in Scat Cat's voice (yes, the jazz musician from the Aristocats) ...liiike... dye my hair green? X3 I dunno. Haven't thought it trough entirely yet, but these are ideas I'm playing with. i need motivation to not bite my nails, and I need motivation to STAY not biting them. Because seriously, it's getting. so. painful. DX

but yeah.

bed time, then up in the morning to study/cram for Plant ID before exam.



FUCK YOU MONITOR. WHY IS THE LEFT HALF (spec. bottom corner) GONE ALL DARK?! FUCK! WHY DO YU FLICKER AND SUCK SO MUCH?! o_o the rest of my lappytop is still like, perfectly. o_o why the most important paaaaart?

PS The lyrics that are now at the top/bottom/title of my blog are from the song "Promise Broken" by Deric Ruttan. Such a pretty song <3

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freethephoenix said...

Good luck with stopping biting your nails!! After being an avid chomper for 23 years I finally kicked the habit (I hope). I haven't bit my nails since the end of April!!

My advice is to get a nail file and some clear nail polish. Whenever you're sitting watching anime or tv or whatevs, start filing your nails so they look pretty and always keep a coat of clear polish on them - it makes them less tempting to bite.

That's how I did it, anyway. Good luck!!